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September 5-7, Maumee Bay State Park Lodge, Ohio

We're an Ohio fandom convention, combining indoor comfort with outdoor adventure to give YOU the unforgettable experience to LIVE the fandoms you love! From Live-Action Mario Karts and Pokemon trainer adventures, to beach parties and martial arts demonstrations, and all of your favorite indoor programming like panels, artists and vendors, you're going to want to spend the weekend with us!

Pre-Register now at www.midoricon.com!

Attention, Cosplay Community! A moment of your time & support, please!

This talented cosplayer is affectionately known by the community as Ashrii. She delights the anime convention circuit with a plethora of colorful, intricate cosplays sewn with great care, yet there’s one commonality you’ll find in all of her photos.

She doesn’t smile.

But it isn’t a matter of not choosing to. She suffers from periodontal disease. Genetically, her dental health is very poor, and despite how diligent she is about caring for her teeth, six of them are being extracted after the three just last year. She isn’t even petitioning for implants, but to help cover the dental costs for the extraction and sedation alone. And she needs our help.

As a representative of the Ohio-based anime convention, Midoricon, I have had the pleasure of coordinating with Ashrii and Bangarang, and in the few months I’ve known her, I am astounded by how kind she is, how much she gives to our community and how little she asks for in return. 

Now, she needs us to give back, as little or as much as you’re willing to give. If you can’t spare some change, PLEASE reblog this! Spread the word for your fellow cosplayer in need!

Help award this cosplayer with a truly winning smile!

(Source: indiegogo.com)

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